custom masonry & asphalt paving corp.

                                        Celebrating 30 Years of Business!

About Us

Vinnie Buffolino Asphalt Paving Corp came to be after two generations of hard work and commitment, developing from a one man masonry company started by my father, having come to this country from Italy seeking better opportunity. Fast forward to today, and me [Rocco Buffolino] and my father [Vinnie Buffolino] still run the company with the same old world principles and value that it was founded on; work hard, respect our work as much as we respect our customers and to truly appreciate the beauty in creation and architecture that it deserves.


Over the years we ensured that any new team member we added to represent the business abided by these principles, and over time we came to be an extended family of sorts.


Quality craftsmanship in all of our work!

Custom stone skirt supporting a planter and tree meticuloulsy lined

with slated pieces of rock and blended into the patio.